As a company we believe that we need to be significant, and in order to do that we need to have an impact on our nation. To us, this means building into the lives of people through mentorship and education.

To date we have brought two interns through our company. Our first intern, Ms Suzelle Naik is now a full time employee and a valuable asset to our company. Our second intern, Ms Nomfundo Thwala, also excelled in her position and was promoted to a full time employee for a full year before taking up an opportunity at another company, one for which she is now fully prepared for after her time with us.

Our first Skills and Social Development Program Candidate, Mr Simphiwe Khumalo started with us in November 2017 and is learning on-the-job business management as a full time member of staff. In his time with us he has undertaken a careers assessment and counselling, and will also spend some time at two other companies before commencing on a tertiary degree while continuing his on the job training at EnviroPro. It is our goal that he will obtain a degree and be prepared for whatever future career path he may choose.

As part of the CityHill Church Nation Changers programme, we donated R23 000.00 for construction of a rain water harvesting system for water recycling at the Embo Church site. As a team we assisted in establishing a community based vegetable garden at the site. EnviroPro also sponsored teenagers to attend the Embo youth camp and a number of younger children to attend the kids’ camp.

We donated R100 000.00 worth of services to Liv Village to assist with their ongoing development.

As a company we donated R31 000.00 to AgriBioTech Incubator at the AgriSPACE in Kokstad. These funds have been put towards furnishing new laboratory space with lab benches, cabinets, a freezer and a fridge. This initiative provides training to agricultural graduates and prepares them for careers as agricultural entrepreneurs.

We also provided funding to the amount of R208 000.00 for learnership grants and stipends for three Plant Production learners in Bizana.

These learners will be involved in an NQF 2 Plant Production qualification for the purpose of becoming “contract growers” for agricultural entrepreneurs (Agripreneurs) within the AgriBioTech Incubator at the AgriSPACE campus of Scientific Roets. All agricultural graduates who form part of this programme were unemployed prior to starting the programme. These Agripreneurs are guided and mentored to develop agricultural-oriented value-adding businesses.

The three learners sponsored by EnviroPro will become contract growers in a value-adding product chain with a high likelihood that they will continue providing their biological resources to the Agripreneurs going forward – thus creating sustainable livelihoods for these individuals.