Specialist Studies

Our specialist studies include:

  • Wetland assessments are required to form part of a WUA application when there is development within 500m of a wetland.
  • Aquatic assessments are required when developing within a watercourse.
  • Vegetation assessments are required when clearing indigenous vegetation.
  • Faunal Assessments are needed when developing certain Greenfields sites.
  • Heritage assessments are needed when development exceeds development thresholds in the Heritage Resources Act.
  • Agricultural potential assessments are needed when developing agricultural land.
  • Air Quality Impact Assessments are required for all AEL applications.
  • Geohydrological assessments are required when there is potential for impact on a groundwater resource.
  • Hydrological reports are need when impacting on the flow dynamics of a watercourse.
  • Coastal geomorphological reports for development within 100m of the high water mark of the sea.
  • Estuarine impact assessments.
Does your business require any Specialist Study assessments?