Environmental Authorisations

This is a legal process that is required prior to undertaking development activities that are listed in the EIA regulations to the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) as per listing notices 1, 2 and 3.

Mining Permits
& Rights

This is a legal permit / right that is required before one is allowed to mine any mineral resources.

Water Use Authorisations (WUA)

This is a legal permit that is required as per section 21 of the National Water Act before one is allowed to impact or use a water resource.

Air Emission
Licences (AEL)

Certain activities are listed in terms of the Air Quality Act as requiring an Air Emissions Licence (AEL) before they can commence operation. AELs are issued by either the Local or District Municipality, depending on the area where the activity will take place.

Waste Management
Licences (WML)

Activities listed in terms of the Waste Management Act require a Waste Management Licence (WML).

Auditing (ECO)

Auditing is usually required as a condition of Environmental Authorisation to ensure that the requirements of the authorisation are being met.

Environmental Management
Programs (EMPr)

This is a tool used to manage environmental impacts during construction and is prepared as part of an environmental authorisation process but can also be a stand-alone document used to manage environmental impacts on a construction site.

Environmental Diligence /
Feasibility Assessments

A very useful tool for developers or anyone purchasing land for development. This involves a review of all environmental aspects of a site and identifies environmentally sensitive areas, risks for development, whether or not a legal process must be followed and thresholds for EA.


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